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This Month's Podcast

February 2017
The Lab Man talks with SLAS2017 New Product Award winners, giving listeners insight into the advances judged best of show in Washington, DC!

Analytik Jena US (SmartExtraction)
Interviewees: Ariane Jonetz-Mentzel and Ian Hanegraaff

Avidien Technologies (Avidien MicroPro 300)
Interviewee: Rich Cote

infinitesimal (Nanofountain Probe Electroporation System)
Interviewees: Jonathon Prinz and Vincent Lemaitre


2016 Podcasts

March 2016
The Lab Man interviewed two SLAS scientific journal guest editors at SLAS2016, who offer perspective on their issues and their science. Enjoy!

Joe Olechno (Labcyte Inc.)
JALA Special Issue on Advancing Scientific Innovation with Acoustic Droplet Ejection
View the journal issue (free public access is generously sponsored by Labcyte Inc.)

Jonathan Wingfield (AstraZeneca)
JBS Special Issue on Advances in Mass Spectrometry within Drug Discovery
View the journal issue

February 2016
The Lab Man interviewed a number of key SLAS2016 participants, allowing listeners a window into the minds of key SLAS innovators. Enjoy!

SLAS Student Poster Competition Winners

Joohun Kang, Wyss Institute/Harvard University
Rapid Enumeration and Identification of Rare Food Contaminant Using A Magnetic Microfluidic Device and FcMBL-Conjugated Magnetic Particles

Carrie Lovitt, Griffith University Australia
Automated Evaluation of Anti-Cancer Activity in Advanced Tumor Models

Masturah Bte Mohd Abdul Rashid, National University of Singapore
Synergistic Combinations Against Bortezomib-Resistant Multiple Myeloma Derived via Phenotypic Personalized Medicine (PPM)

SLAS2016 New Product Award Winners

Interviewee: Luc Talini

Axion BioSystems (Lumos and Maestro APEX)
Interviewee: Catherine Parrish

LabMinds (REVO)
Interviewee: Jochen Klingelhoefer


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